《DOTA2》战队Wings五名选手被ACE联盟禁赛,像是一颗核弹引爆DOTA圈,不仅是中国DOTA,国外玩家也在热议此事。Valve员工Wykrhm在第一时间发表了评论后,发布了一篇长文阐述自己对此事具体看法。关于Wings选手被禁赛 Valve员工说话了WINGS被ACE终生禁赛!V社员工表明立场:别怂! 微博原文: China is a country that is capable of producing amazing talent that can go to the very top consistently.Wings run to the World Title in almost no time was a standing example of what this scene can achieve.Things like what happened today are heavily discouraging to all the young kids in the scene who will feel like they have limited options and are totally unprotected against the big names. Probably explains why so much of the younger talent gets whiffed out in the early stages.Give it a thought. When all the big names failed, 5 young players showed up like kings to claim glory for this scene. It'd be a shame if something like that never happens again.Lastly, thanks a lot to all of you who have been translating my English posts to all your friends. Greatly appreciate it. :)原文大意: 中国有持续不断地诞生高端职业dota选手的能力,并且这些选手一直站在世界顶端。wings能拿到世界冠军,很好的证明了这一点。今天发生的事正在严重打击想要进入这个行业的年轻人,他们会觉得他们面对的选择很有限,并且面对大人物(wsc)束手无策。也许这可以解释为何有如此多的年轻才华在早年就被排挤出局。想想吧,当那些大人物失败了,而五个年轻人像王者一样获得荣耀,再也看不到这样的场景是多么遗憾的事。 最后,感谢翻译我的博文为中文的人们,真的谢谢。从Wykrhm的话里,我们能看出他个人是站在选手这边,但是他的话目前并不能代表Valve对此事的态度。希望Valve和ACE能尽快对Wings禁赛一事做出相关回应。